Experiencing the Tea Tree Gully Library and the People

Written by Maegan, one of our recent Yr 10 work experience students.

Wondering about work experience at the Tea Tree Gully?

When the Year 10s were told back in 2013,  that we were going to be doing work experience next year, my automatic thought was to go to The Tea Tree Gully Library. Some people had thoughts on that, saying “Oh wouldn’t it be boring” etc, which of course I disagreed with and so I continued and filled in the application form.

The Tea Tree Gully Library got back to me quite fast, and I was told I would have an interview soon. I was really nervous going in for an interview, worried I might accidentally say the wrong thing or do something wrong, but I was nervous for nothing. Kate, one of the workers at the library, made me feel calmer and was very kind to me and gave me lots of information.

Story time at the Tea Tree Gully Library was one of the things Maegan enjoyed most.

Story time at the Tea Tree Gully Library was one of the things Maegan enjoyed most.

On the morning of my first day of work experience, I was extremely anxious of the unknown. My mum dropped me off and I met Melaina, another worker at the Tea Tree Gully Library, who was really nice and welcoming. We found Ethan, who was another student doing work experience and we went up to the office. Melaina explained to us about being safe and the library expectations, then handed us our schedules and lanyards which held a card that would help us open the doors to get from place to place without having to ask, or wait for someone going that way.

My first day was great and interesting and I met lots of kind people who always helped me. I think my favourite day though was probably Tuesday. On Tuesday I had ‘Story Time’ with Jessica and a lovely volunteer, Dianne. I was surrounded by little kids but, they made me feel more comfortable with the situation. Also on Wednesday, I did ‘Get Savvy with your iPad’ with Julian, which was really funny and nice. I met two women, who told me about their grandchildren. They were both very sweet and patient and they definitely weren’t afraid to ask questions.

Doing work experience at the library was definitely not boring. Overall, my week of work experience was interesting, tiring and fun. I learnt a lot of different things like doing the ‘Pick List’ with Ben, shelving with Chris G and the chute with Sonya. I would like to thank the library for giving me an opportunity to do work experience there as I don’t think I would rather do it anywhere else.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by books every day?