Recipe book review – Deceptively Delicious

Most kids don’t like eating vegetables, and there are a number of recipe books out there with ideas of how to hide vegies in food. Jessica Seinfeld’s book Deceptively Delicious is one of them, and it was recommended to me by a few other mums.

While it’s not a new book, and it is American so does have some different ingredients to how I would normally cook, but the basic principle is quite nifty. Jessica recommends pureeing batches of vegies and have them in the freezer, ready to add the purees to a range of yummy recipes. There is a range of main meals and treats to choose from.

I found a few recipies that would work for our family and photocopied them at the Library. I have since written on the pages to convert to metric measurements and Celsius, and my son has written some scribble on there to leave his own mark.

My early attempts at cauliflower puree in choc chip muffins went down well, and the carrot, banana and peanut butter muffins (below) have been eaten too.


Pretty sure these will be staples in our house for a while, and I will try a few more recipes.