How Tea Tree Gully Library inspired our barista’s latest tattoo

Eventually, Liz Warner’s body will read like a story time book.

Liz Warner, Manager of the Topiary Pantry, as you normally see her...

Liz Warner, Manager of the Topiary Pantry, next to the Library.

We were delighted to discover that one of the books from the Library’s collection had inspired the latest tattoo for Liz, our beloved barista from the Library cafe The Topiary Pantry.

Liz was all smiles as she proudly showed us her new and beautiful tattoo of Disney Princess Snow White, which is an exact copy of an image from the art book ‘The Art of the Disney Princess’.  The book was recommended to her by Local History Officer David Brooks during a chat one day while she was making his coffee – he knows Liz loves fairy tales!

Liz and the book.

Liz and the book!

Straight from the book: a darker side to Snow White....

A darker side to Snow White …

Like so many others, Liz has fallen in love with tattoo art, and so taken was she with the Snow White image from the book, that within a week she’d been into Modbury tattoo parlour, Aussie Ink, to acquire the tattoo.

There, the tattoo artist made a copy of the Snow White image from the book and then successfully inked the image onto Liz’s right thigh. Check it out:

Here it is. Wow.

Here it is. The book, and Liz’s tattoo. Wow.

The Adelaide Tattoo Show starts today, Friday 2 May and runs all weekend at the Adelaide Conference Centre, so it seemed timely to have a quick chat with Liz and find out a bit more about the story behind her tattoo!

Why did you get a tattoo?

‘Tattoos are just something that happens, really. The first tattoo I ever got was of the Cheshire Cat, which is a reminder that it’s OK to be a bit crazy – and everyone is a little crazy.’

Why Snow White?

‘She was the first Disney Princess, so pure and innocent and to me she represents that temptation of innocence. I do like the darker twists behind fairytales, in that they’re not always as wholesome as they seem.

‘David gave me the book ‘The Art of the Disney Princess’ one day while he was waiting for his coffee, because he knows I love fairytales and thought I might like to read it, but I ended up taking the book to a tattoo artist instead!’

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

‘No, I’d describe it as an annoying, scratchy feeling, but I do think everyone feels pain differently.’

Will you get more tattoos?

‘I’ve since got another tattoo, this time on my left thigh, of Little Red Riding Hood. My partner is really impressed, and even though he has a cold, he is in fact getting his first ever tattoo today!

Wow. Do you think he might also be inspired by one of the books in our collection, for his tattoo?

‘He said he was pretty sure he had a library card somewhere, so he’s keen to come and check out the books at the library to see if he finds something!’

The inspiration: 'The Art of the Disney Princesses'

The inspiration: ‘The Art of the Disney Princesses’