My Favourite App: Card holder

Are you tired of carrying and extra purse/wallet around just to contain all of your loyalty and borrower cards? If like me, you are a member of Stratco, Myer One, Jb Hifi, the Library, Video Ezy and a large range of other businesses and organisations, you can now store all of your cards on your smart device using this app.

Card Holder - screenshotCard Holder is a free Android app that allows you to scan your card’s barcode and stores it in an easy-to find scrolling menu. It also lets you take an image of the front and back of your card, meaning you can store all of your loyalty and membership cards digitally and not need to carry them with you! Whenever you need a card, scroll the menu to the correct card, and the barcode will display. This digital barcode can be read by most modern barcode readers.


Card Holder - screenshot

Apple have similar apps called Cards Holder or Wallet+ available at a small cost.

Do you have a favourite app?
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Apple Store – for iPads, iPhones or Mac computers
Google Play Store – for Android tablets and smart phones