My Work Experience

I will never forget my time at the City of Tea Tree Gully Library. At first I was nervous but as the weeks went by I became more relaxed and confident.

The Library is a busy environment and generally staff members do an hour of one activity before moving on to the next task. Consequently, I was given the oppotunity to be involved in many activities like Storytime, the Chute, the Customer Service Desk and the Pick List. What I most enjoyed was helping with the Pick List because I liked the challenge of going all over the Library trying to find the items requested by patrons and other libraries.

Everyone was friendly, respectful, and willing to help me with any questions I asked. Throughout my work experience, I developed a good rapport with them especially those I was ‘buddied’ up with.

I really enjoyed my time at the Library, as it not only enabled me to do what I love, but has also helped me gain an insight into what a Librarian/Library Assistant does. I would certainly recommend this work experience program to others, especially book lovers like me.