Getting to know iOS 7

If you have a newer iPhone or iPad then it may be compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 7. This means a better interface and lots of new features – even a new version of Siri!

Our Digital Hub staff have some tips for making the transition as smooth as possible.

The iOS 7 update is being progressively rolled out to compatible devices over the next few months – and contrary to some rumours it does NOT make your device waterproof!

You can check for the iOS 7 update by going to your device’s Settings > General > Software Update.

With technology moving at such a fast pace, you may find that just as you get used to an operating system it all changes. So here at the Modbury Digital Hub we thought we would give you a few quick tips to help you with some of the new features.

The biggest change is what is best ipad5described as the ‘swipe in’ feature.  This is where you put your finger on the edge of the screen and swipe onto the centre of the screen in a single motion.

Doing this will bring up a menu that allows you to perform some actions quickly without having to dive into your iPhone settings. From here you can adjust airplane mode,WiFi, bluetooth and volume. You can also use this screen to quickly access your camera, clock or music.


Once you are done to make this screen disappear you can press your Home button, or swipe down from the arrow above the bluetooth icon.

ipad6If you want to close all the apps that you have running you can still do this in iOS 7 but it is a little different. You still ‘double-click’ the home button to bring up all the apps that are running – but to close each app you use your finger to ‘push’ the selected app up off the screen in one motion.

We hope that this has helped make the transition a bit easier. What are your thoughts on iOS 7 and do you have  any tips for the new operating system?

If you need some help using your iPad, check out our Digital Hub group sessions. You can book online or call us on 8397 7333.