Self Checkout is here!

Our brand new Self Check out system went live on Thursday 19 September with great success! The Library team decorated the floor with the Self Check colour scheme of red, black and silver with balloons, streamers and each person wearing something to match.


573 people used the new service in the first day and were invited to leave comments on a special comment board at the exit detailing their experience with the new system. Some of the comments included: Very Easy and Quick! Fantastic time saver, and super-easy. 

The project has been in the works for several years, culminating into a hive of activity this year as 120,000 items were tagged with Radio Frequency Identification labels. The labels are crucial to the Self Check system as the RFID tags are read and decoded by the new checkouts.

Next time you’re in the Library ask one of our helpful staff to show you the new system and you’ll never look back!