Tagging, tagging and more tagging

Our self checkout project is well underway and we’re in the middle of preparing the collection for our go-live date in September. You might have been to our book sale earlier this year, or maybe you’ve seen staff and volunteers weeding old items out of the collection. Now we’re up to the tagging stage.

When we launch self checkout in September, the equipment we use to scan items will change. Instead of using scanners to read the barcode on the back of a book or DVD, special pads on our new self checkout kiosks will detect the information on an RFID tag that will be attached to each item. This equipment can scan multiple items at a time, so checking your books out will be much quicker!

Here’s what we’ve been doing with each item that needs an RFID tag:


1. We scan the item at one of our Tagging Stations
2. The printer creates a unique RFID tag for the item
3. The label is attached inside the cover
4. Only 119,999 to go!

We’re hoping to get everything in the collection tagged over the next 7 weeks. We’ve just started on the magazine section – if you need anything from an area we’re working in, just ask and we’ll help you find what you need.

2 thoughts on “Tagging, tagging and more tagging

    • Hi Hayley, good question! It’s a huge project and before we started we knew we’d need all the help we could get.
      The preparation for the tagging stage of this project started back in February when we recruited 10 UniSA and Tafe students to help us clean up and ‘weed’ the entire Library collection. We have over 150 volunteers helping us to deliver all of our programs and services including shelving, Storytime, home services and more. There’s more information on our website along with an application form if you’re interested in volunteering with us. http://www.teatreegully.sa.gov.au/volunteers

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