Get inspired for some rainy day craft projects!


The Tea Tree Gully Children’s and Youth team has been enjoying the many rainy day opportunities to sit inside and read. Nevertheless, lately we have been finding ourselves acting more like mole people than human beings.
On a quest to reclaim some of our humanity (and wear clothing other than PJ’s), we stumbled upon the Non Fiction Craft section of our library on the shelves at  745.

This marvellous collection of books is ideal for anyone who likes to make stuff and has a few hours to kill.
Some of our favourite titles that you can find here include:
Everything Alice –The Wonderland book of makes
Making Stuff– An Alternative Craft Book
The Crafter’s Companion– tips, tales & pattern from a community of creative minds
The Left Bank Look– Easy Parisian Chic Projects for your Home and Clothes

Filled with nifty how- to instructions to help you build things such as a blind that plays a lullaby every time you pull it down or making over your furniture  by covering it in material.
We expect that you too will soon be joining our ranks of project crafters!

Not inspired yet? Why don’t you check out our awesome craft wares on display here at the library Customer Service Desk!