Reading in a language other than English


People often see reading as a part of their identity.
When asked to talk about who they are, they might describe themselves as avid readers or literature lovers.
As such it seems unsurprising that many people who are bilingual seek literature that allows them to indulge their cultural identity.
Whilst it is an almost impossible feat for libraries to stock an up-to-date and wide range of literature catering to the vast number of language groups living in South Australia,  the One-Card Network is overcoming some of these issues.

Reading books written in German is one of life’s little pleasures – for me at least. I enjoy the complex and almost militant structure of the language. I also love the change of atmosphere another language can lend to a story.

I am often found online spending my hard-earned cash downloading German novels. Whilst fun, this is an activity I can’t always afford. Subsequently, I am frequently scampering to the library in search of my next reading fix.

In the past this exercise has left me disappointed, due to the fact that my local library only has a small selection of German books, ninety percent of which I have already borrowed and read.

Nevertheless, through the One Card Network I am now but a few keys away from many German novels. Using the library catalogue I can peruse novels from all over South Australia and order them at my convenience. The best part is that I can visit this catalogue from home, sort of like free online shopping!

So if you are seeking books in a language other than English, your first stop doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be as simple as searching your local library catalogue!

On our online catalogue we have titles in German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and many more – for more information ask a friendly staff member.