My week of work experience at the Library

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Work Experience student – Zach

Many people come to the City of Tea Tree Gully Library and go to a certain section looking for a book or a DVD or a magazine but, have you ever wondered what is behind those chutes or past the “Staff Only” doors? Well I have been back there on my week of work experience here. It seems like a quite small place when you haven’t left the teen fiction or the kids section, but when you take a look behind the scenes you realize that there is much more to this Library that you never knew was there. What you can see is only around half of what is there. It is a two storey building with several areas you can’t go to on the bottom floor, like several desks and a book storage room, and there are sections that the public is able to access that I didn’t even know are there.

To get all of this to run smoothly you need a lot of people, so while you might only be able to find 10 or so at any one time, there is actually more than 40 people working here, in several different teams. I have worked with a lot of nice people here, doing everything from covering books, to working in the chute room, to listening in on the ‘Baby Bounce’ group to writing this blog post!

The Library is a great place to be for work experience. I was really nervous at the start of the first day but I soon realised that there is nothing to be nervous about. Work experience at the Library has given me opportunities to meet some great people and learn so much about everything at the Library, like how all the computer programs work and where everything is and how to get there. The staff made sure I was doing something new every hour or two, and everyday there was something different. I have learned about everything in this Library from so many great people. I got to help with a beginner’s iPad class and that was a lot of fun to be at.

I have really enjoyed my week doing work experience at the Library. It was spent doing and learning so much, from how the Library works to what it is like in an actual workplace environment. I met so many great people, and got to talk to and meet so many great members of the community. I will definitely come back to the Library often to get new books and remember my great week here.

Written by Work Experience Student, Zach.