We’re working as fast as possible to bring you our new Digital Hub!

We’re sorry! stk112358rkeOur suite of computers is still unavailable until further notice. We’ve experienced significant complications with our hardware and software upgrades in preparation for our new Digital Hub.

We have this as our Number One priority! Our vendors and IT staff are working as hard and fast as possible to provide you with a new range of digital services.
Soon you will have free access to:

  • New hardware, including a suite of brand new iMacs to explore your creative side.
  • Superfast internet, HD video, Skype, Internet smart TV plus all of the benefits of superfast internet speeds, will be available to use and experience in the new Digital Hub.
  • A range of new technologies will be on display to interact with, learn about and help improve your digital literacy and confidence in this digital age.
  • A comprehensive range of free training, providing group and one-on-one sessions using smart devices, iPads, internet, Skype, shopping and safety online, showcasing the benefits of the NBN and more!
 In the interim you can:
  • Access the wireless network with a laptop or smart device and have free 24 hour internet.
  • Use the PCs at nearby libraries, including Ingle Farm, Greenacres and Campbelltown.
  • Many of the NBN training sessions are still continuing. One on one sessions are using portable devices connected to the wireless network. Groups sessions are being tailored towards a presentation style demonstration.
 We will let you know as soon as possible when our computers are back in operation.

2 thoughts on “We’re working as fast as possible to bring you our new Digital Hub!

  1. For the 3rd week running:Pcfc booked into the learning centre on fridays has not been able to connect to WIFI. – – give me the old slow system back,it worked for me

  2. Hello Wolfgang,
    Thanks for your comment.
    We’re sorry that you have been experiencing problems accessing wireless in the Community Learning Centre. We have logged this issue with our IT department to investigate.
    The only recent change to the public libraries wireless network has been the removal of the unsecured network, so the problems you have experienced may possibly be an issue with the access point in the café, as there is normal access in the Library.
    We also want to reassure you that there is no connection between the wireless network and the installation of the Digital Hub or the problems with public computer access in the Library, as they are completely separate systems.
    If you experience any further problems, please see staff on the Ask Here Desk in the Library.
    Thanks again for your comment.

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