Bookings for Modbury Digital Hub Training sessions are now open!

Modbury Digital Hub

Bookings are now open for our Modbury Digital Hub training sessions in the Library. There are lots of  group and one on one sessions to choose from covering topics such as Facebook, online jobseeking, how to get savvy with your iPad, digital photos with Picasa, Internet basics, computing basics, how to get the best from Google, online shopping and more.
Come along to learn new skills and have some fun!
See our website for all the session details or call us at the Library.  Bookings are essential for all sessions and can be made at the Library or by phone on (08) 8397 7333.

2 thoughts on “Bookings for Modbury Digital Hub Training sessions are now open!

  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for asking!
    We are keen to run some sessions in the evening and also on weekends as we believe the demand is there.
    We are planning the April and May sessions soon, so to get a bit more feedback from you, do you have any preferred days and times and would you attend weekend sessions if they were offered?
    Be great to hear what you think!

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