Tour Down Under is coming!

TDUSome of you, especially the cycling fans amongst us, will know that Tea Tree Gully is hosting one of the key stages of Tea Tree Gully next year. Cycling has a rich history in Tea Tree Gully, did you know that one of the first competitive races in South Australia ended at Modbury? Did you know that Tea Tree Plaza car park was the scene of organised races in the 1970s?

We are developing a display in the Library foyer in the lead up to the event based on the cycling history of the region called ‘Life with your bike’ – a collection of photographs of people who live, work or play in the City of Tea Tree Gully with their bike. Do you have a photo or yourself with your first bike? Or perhaps out with your family? Maybe you raced BMX in the 80’s? A short story to accompany your photo would be great! We will copy the images and return the originals to you.

If you can help with our display please email David our Local Historian.