….And You Thought the Internet Was Powerful

Ever found yourself browsing the web for information on that ‘forgotten’ assignment that’s due tomorrow? Have you searched Google, Yahoo, Bing, and every possible web address spanning to the edge of cyberspace? Perhaps you were looking too far ahead the whole time…

There’s no need to sugarcoat it – in today’s age, the World Wide Web is a powerful tool for anyone who can wield a mouse and keyboard. However, as technology grows – expanding the internet from computers to smart phones and tablets – people begin to forget about the simple things.

Work Experience Student Alex

After spending a week doing work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library, I’ve come to realize just how relevant books still are. They have yet to ‘fade into obscurity’, and I hope they never do.

After spending time  shelving books, I naturally began to read some of the titles of the big and small clusters of bound pages… and boy did I discover some interesting topics! On one occasion, I found a book dedicated to explaining the genre of Steampunk (don’t know what that is? Check the Library!) – it was complete with plenty of pictures to explain how everything worked. Yet, not even two weeks ago, I was searching the big wide web for things on steampunk… and found only half of what that one book provided!

The next time you’re doing a project on Victorian Arts, or researching information on the oldest lighthouses in South Australia, try looking in the library for the information you seek.

Don’t underestimate one of the oldest forms of communication since the creation of society!

Written by: Alex – Work Experience Student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library