It’s the BOM!

Yes, Spring has arrived! You can smell it in the air and feel the warmth of the sun on the back of our necks. If you’re wondering if this weather is going to stick around then you may like to jump onto the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website to get a whole heap of up to the minute weather information. You can follow weather trends and patterns, seek out a 7-day forecast for your local area and view any current weather warnings. There is also radar and satellite imagery for a more graphic display.

If you’re a surfer or fisher there is dedicated information for wind, waves, tides and sea level as well as sea temperatures and currents. Concerned about water levels? Find out about water storage information for more than 250 sites across Australia. If you’re a Smart Phone user you can also get the Water Storage app by the BOM for official water storage info in seconds.

You can also explore more information on climate change and visit the National Meteorological Library! In fact you are most likely to find information that you didn’t even know you might be interested in – like the Tsunami Warning Centre or discovering your local weather station.

This is an awesome website to bookmark and have in your favourites tab.