Spotlight on: Joe Kubert

Comic book legend Joe Kubert died over the weekend following a long life as an industry great.  Kubert is best known as the founder of The Kubert School – a school of cartoon and graphic art that has been an industry leader since the 1970’s, and for the creation of iconic comic heroes including Sgt Rock, Hawkman,  and Tor.

Kubert’s family left Poland in the 1920’s settling in Brooklyn NY,  and was already being paid for cartoon illustrations when he was eleven years old. He was inking the famous Archie comics the very next year.

Kubert steadily found work freelancing and in steady employ over the next few decades, founding the Kubert School in 1972 in Dover New Jersey where he now resided. He still taught at the school one day a week in his later years. His school is well regarded as the ‘must attend’ school for aspiring comic book artists.
Joe died at the age of 85 from a variety of health issues.