Wonderful World of Books

I am interested in many things, but the thing I enjoy doing the most is reading. Ever since I was young, I would sit in my local library for hours on end surrounded by books and graphic novels. I have many favourites, but I love Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and lately, I’ve been reading graphic novels like Bleach and Naruto. When I read, I feel as if I’m entering another world. My favourite quote is ‘Non-readers experience one life, readers experience thousands.’

Because of my obsession with books, I thought it would be a great idea to do my work experience placement with the City of Tea Tree Gully Library. So, I jumped online and researched everything I needed to know. I then went to the Library, and asked one of the staff there if they accepted year 10 work experience students, and was set a time and date for an interview. As soon as I found out I was accepted, I was thrilled. It is my first time trying something new like this, so I was both nervous and excited.

On my first day I was given a tour of the Library and a health and safety talk. I was introduced to various staff and taught how to shelve and check in and out books. At the “Ask Here” desk, I was also taught how to serve customers and what to do when they asked for something specific.

As I was shelving, I could not help but notice the titles and authors of books that I have read, or that I have always wanted to read. Thoughts like ‘I should borrow that one next time’ and ‘this one might be interesting?’ kept crossing my mind.

Learning how to work in a public library was lots of fun, and getting to know new people whether they were customers or staff, was a great experience.

Written by Michelle – Work Experience Student @ the City of Tea Tree Gully Library