One Card countdown: 4 weeks

Tricia from Tech Services took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat about the One Card network, which we’ll be joining in just 4 weeks…

What LMS (Library Management System) training have you had so far?
The first stop for all of us has been an online module about Symphony (the new system we’ll be using), which provided an introduction to the Symphony software, navigation around the program and search skills to help locate items.
Next I was off to Public Library Services in the State Library for three full-day training sessions covering Circulation, Cataloguing and Serials.
While these sessions are really the basis for my knowledge, there is no substitute for workshopping with colleagues and hands-on practice. As a team we have all created training notes to pass on to the team as a whole. 

What’s been the biggest challenge for you?
Well, perhaps that is still ahead… but so far, just having a clear and open mind to new ways of doing old things has been the challenge.

What do you think will be the best change for library staff?
I think the best change will be that we will be able to provide a much better service to our customers, and these customers will now be state-wide. It is a case of ‘bigger and better’.
Library staff all over the state will come together as one team. We will learn together and support each other throughout this whole process. We really will be part of “one library” and so will get to know all the other participating libraries better and in a different way. Plus we get to share some great collections instead of each library having to purchase them individually.

What do you think will be the best change for library customers?
Access to so many more items, and the convenience of borrowing and returning items  at any participating library. Our new public catalogue, Enterprise, will not only provide amazing access to library materials but also a whole suite of information, links and applications.
There is a little bit of the unknown about just what the whole picture will look like but this makes it really exciting!

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