Are you a fan of romantic comedy movies?

If your answer is ‘yes’, I am going to introduce you to two romantic comedy movies I like.

The first one, which you may have heard of , is called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ It is a play written by William Shakespeare about 400 years ago and was adapted into a movie in 2004 by BBC. The romantic comedy is about four warring couples, a donkey’s head, and a gaggle of fairies. It is magical and delightful. I like it because it is very funny, and very meaningful. The movie tells us what true love is and tells us about life. If you are interested in this movie or the original play, come into the Library and ask one of our friendly staff members, I am sure they will be glad to help you find a copy. You can also find the DVD and reserve a copy on the catalogue here.

Work experience student - Jessie

The other  is a French movie with English subtitles called ‘Amelie.’ Amelie Poulain is the main character who lives in Paris, she is introverted, but with an extroverted imagination. She is passionate about the small pleasures of life; skimming stones over water and cracking the top of her creme brulee with a spoon. Amelie decides to change the lives of people around her for the better. She gives a new lease on life to the lonely or unloved, and punishes her nasty neighbours. However, when she has a crush on Nino she struggles with her own situation. I think Amelie is kind, cute, warm hearted and interesting –  she says “It’s better to help people than garden gnomes.” In fact, if Amelie was a real person, I would like to be friends with her. This movie is also interesting, lovely and funny.

Written by Jessie – work experience student @ City of Tea Tree Gully Library

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  1. Thanks for your post “Are you a fan of romantic comedy movies?” it was a good read. I’m a real movie buff!
    All the best Herman

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