Have you met Miss Phryne Fisher?

Australia’s leading lady detective is about to sashay into lounge rooms this weekend when the TV series ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’’ premieres on the ABC.

Both sophisticated and smart, Phryne Fisher is the ultimate pin-up girl when it comes to solving crime on the dimly lit streets of Melbourne in the roaring 1920’s with her sense of adventure and ability to get the job done. This thoroughly modern woman is driven by a dark history of her own but, with all the charm and grace of a screen siren, delivers justice to those who need it most.

Borrow a Phryne Fisher mystery by Australian author Kerry Greenwood from the library today and embrace the cool elegance of this sassy sherlock in book, spoken word and large print formats with titles such as ‘Cocaine Blues’, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ and ‘Death Before Wicket.’

Now cue the jazz music….