A Fun Filled Week Of Work Experience

So, having returned from a fun filled week of work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library, I am pleased to report that contrary to popular belief, it is not a building full of dusty books and irritating “Be Quiet” notices. Instead it is a thriving hive of activity, and I must say I enjoyed every second of it.

Work Experience Student Jacques

This leads to the obvious question: Why? Quite simply; you never sit still, you’re always doing something. Although to some people this may sound worse than getting keel-hauled, I found it quite invigorating. The stream of books that need to be shelved just never seems to end. Everyday there seemed to be a new activity. For example, one day was spent listening to an incredibly interesting “History of Christmas in Tea Tree Gully” lecture, after which we enjoyed a cup of Milo and some cookies.

But this was not the best part, no my biggest surprise was the sheer size of the collection. This is good, because you get a lot of variety, but I never really considered that there are people who actually have to put these books back where they belong. Nevertheless, this would not have been such a big job if not for the Interfiling Project, which sees all the Adult Fiction books being given new labels and being put back on the shelf. Soon the books will be taken down again, and the paperbacks will be mixed with the hardbacks. This will remind the patrons that there are in fact books at the back of the library as well.

But my favorite part of work experience was working at the customer service desk (CSD), to my surprise I got to serve people from the first day. I also got to work in the “Chute”, which is where all those books that you place down the holes in the wall go. I also attended a “Toddler Time” activity as well as participating in a School tour of the library and helped out at the Information desk. By “helped out” I mean I embarrassed myself with my dismally inadequate knowledge of library workings, and then quietly sat in the background while somebody who was actually qualified to do this came and repaired whatever it was that I did wrong/broke/damaged.

My final opinion? The people who work here are wonderful, I met a lot of interesting people, and doing my work experience has been exciting and informative.

So thank you.

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  1. A well written and interesting post. Good to hear that the library gave you a real taste of library work instead of making you just watch. You’ve made it sound like a terrific place to work and you seem like you would make a great librarian!

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