Book Review – ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series

Carly has been reading A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of epic fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. “Having been inspired by the HBO television series Game of Thrones, I decided to try the books that inspired the TV show. Fantasy and historical fiction isn’t usually what I enjoy reading, but I was immediately sucked into the story. It surprised me how easy it is to follow Martin’s style of writing.

The story is full of battles, warriors, swords and sorcery, and follows many different plot lines. Despite this, though, the book is very well paced and doesn’t feel ‘rushed’. One thing I really enjoyed about it is that there are many supernatural aspects, but they don’t feel out of place or unbelievable. Martin is well known for killing off some unexpected characters, so don’t get too attached to any of them.

I would definitely recommend these books to anyone who watched the TV series, enjoys a good adventure and can read about many different characters without getting too confused!”

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