Did you know…About Christmas Trees?

The CTTG Library Christmas Tree

Did you know the first accounts of decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas were recorded in Germany, during the 16th Century?

In Denmark, the first recorded Christmas tree was lit in 1808 by Countess Wilhemine of Holsteinborg. Many years later, the elderly countess told the story of the first Danish Christmas tree to the writer Hans Christian Andersen. He had already published a fairy-tale called The Fir-Tree in 1844, recounting the fate of a fir-tree being used as a Christmas tree.

Lights have long been part of the tradition with candles and lanterns, both in holders and glued with melted wax directly to the tree. The electric Christmas tree light is attributed to Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, and was first displayed on December 22, 1882. US President, Grover Cleveland sponsored the first electrically lit tree in the White House in 1895. Electrically lit trees would gain popularity during the first decades of the 20th Centrury, but due to their expense, remained beyond the reach of the average person until the 1930s.

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