Spotlight on: Anne McCaffrey

It hasn’t been a good year for speculative fiction, with the passing of Diana Wynn Jones, Sara Douglass and now Sci Fi Grand Master Anne McCaffrey.


Anne McCaffrey started writing in the early 1950s (she was born 1926), with two short stories, the first appeared in Science Fiction Plus magazine, the second in The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction. She felt that women were unfairly and often exploited in Science Fiction and wanted to address this issue and did so when her first novel, Restoree, was published in 1967 featuring a young female protagonist who is abducted by aliens.

McCaffrey combined both the Sci-Fi and fantasy genres with her Dragonriders 0f Pern series, set on an alien planet where ‘the Few’ ride dragons to repel invaders. Arguable her most successful series it spawned over 25 sequels! She has penned at least 85 books in her time. Anne was the first woman to win the Hugo and Nebula awards. Ironic as one of her early roles was to hand carve the Nebula Award trophy!