What an Experience!

Stephanie having lots of fun covering books


Here at the City of Tea Tree Gully we pride ourselves on offering an awesome Work Experience Program. Check out the following blog post from one of our recent work experience students Stephanie.

“Having the opportunity to do work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library has been great. I am a Year 10 student and having never done work experience before was very unsure about how I would cope working from nine to five. I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself getting along well with everyone and genuinely liking what I was doing.  I even enjoyed the first day when I was nervous and had no idea of what was expected of me, because the friendly staff were all very welcoming and attentive. They all said hello, introduced themselves and asked me how I was liking my work experience at the library.

The best element personally, was when I was shown around the room where all the new arrivals are kept. I got the chance to see a whole collection of books, DVDs and CDs that hadn’t been put into the system yet.  I also had the opportunity to do processing, which entailed carefully covering the latest novels with contact. The books which had been covered and checked for the proper genre stickers and their barcode, went straight out onto the shelves ready for everyone to borrow.

As I was a new member of the Library the process of shelving has also helped me to improve the time I spend searching for items. Shelving is the procedure where items are neatly stacked alphabetically and or numerically, according to which section they are in. Whether I want a book, DVD or CD I can now efficiently find what I am after.  

The work environment is light and everyone is cheerful, which makes it an easy place to be. All members of the staff are organized, knowing exactly what they have to do and where to be. On the first day I was presented with a green folder which had my itinerary for the week. It also included additional information for me to read over. Having my work experience at the Tea Tree Gully Library was certainly the right idea and I would definitely recommend other students, who are interesting in reading or to see how a public  library operates, to do their work experience here.”

For more information on the City of Tea Tree Gully Library’s Work Experience Program contact us on 8397 7444.