What are they up to in the Library?

If you come in to the Library over the next couple of days, you will notice some work being done near the Quick Picks wall and that the shelving that used to be there has been temporarily moved next to the Reference Collection.

This is to allow the installation of a Voltage Optimisation Device in the main electrical distribution board of the Civic Centre, which happens to be in the Library!
This energy saving initiative is designed to smooth out the peaks and troughs of our electricity supply and prevent spiking of the supply, thus reducing our demand on electricity and saving money.
All good things to do!

After completion of the work this week, the switch to the new system will take place on Sunday 16th October and we don’t anticipate any disruption to our service on that day.
We’ll be putting the Non Fiction paperback shelves back and also rearranging the Quick Picks display.