Do you “like” your library yet?

It’s been less than a month since we went ‘live’ on Facebook and already 136 people have confessed their ‘like’ for the Tea Tree Gully Library. Certainly makes us all feel very warm and fuzzy about the work that we do and the wonderful people who make use of the services we offer.

Looking ahead, we can see two significant milestones approaching rather quickly, much more quickly than we ever could have hoped – 150 and 200 ‘likes’ of our Facebook page. We plan to celebrate these milestones by rewarding the Facebook users who become the 150th and 200th people to ‘like’ us.

So isn’t it time you ‘liked’ your library? It’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s been, what is, and what will be happening at the Library, as well as links to events and information we think may be of interest to you.

1 thought on “Do you “like” your library yet?

  1. As a frequent user of the library – member of the Library Writers Group and regular borrower of books – I frequently arrange to meet friends there. We enjoy a snack and coffee in Scribes before moving through to the library ‘section of interest’ that day. I am concerned that the value to the community of the Scribes/library partnership is not understated in the current controversy about its budget. The Messenger reports a deficit of $37,000 this financial year for Scribes, but this is ineffectual advice without knowledge of its income. Our TTG library has become, and I hope will continue to be for a long time yet, a community ‘knowledge’ hub; as eReaders etc become common, as borrowings on them increase, the cafe’ and the area inside the library by the convenient service hatch, will become even more valuable as a relaxed reading, learning and meeting place.

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