Overdue Library books? Go straight to jail!

According to a recent newspaper article an Iowa man was jailed for 10 days for failing to return $770 worth of items to his local library. Luckily, here at Tea Tree Gully Library we have a far more relaxed approach to late fees! Since July 1st 2011 we only issue a single $2.50 fee per overdue notice that we send you (no matter how many items are listed on that notice). Having said that, lost or damaged items still need to be paid for or replaced with brand new substitutes. Importantly, items incur fees once they are 2 weeks late and we no longer send reminder notices, so it is essential to keep your Check-Out receipt or check your account online. And even if you do collect a late fee, you must admit that $2.50 is better than a stint in gaol!

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