How to draw Steampunk

The Steampunk phenomena has transcended the quirky, alternative genre it once occupied 5 years ago, and has now arguably been accepted into mainstream popular culture, partially thanks to the growing variety of events, books, television shows and films adopting its alternative history and anachronistic themes.

I saw on the Library processing bench, the latest Steampunk book we’ve added to our collection; ‘How to draw Steampunk’ by Rod Espinosa and Ben Dunn. It’s blurb, in appropriate Victorian English, describes: ‘Does the challenge of sketching steampunk material leave you in a fog? Feel like an anachronism when it comes to creating old tech out of its time? Be not daunted at depicting derring-do and high adventure!’

Check out our other Neo-Victoriana on the catalogue and if you’re interested in finding out what Steampunkery is going on around Adelaide head over to Steampunk SA on Facebook!