Recent history

Whilst recently cleaning up  folders on my hard drive I came across some photos of the Library from 2007. It’s amazing to see what has changed in such a short time. This was pre-Toy Library days and featured the old photocopier alcove, Local History Office, and the Library workroom (where all the cataloguing and processing occurs) was a garage!

Check the before and after photos below.
The directors garage became the Library workroom.








An internal view of the garage and now the Library workroom.









The Local History Office is still in the roughly the same location, however the Local History collection was moved, and the photocopier alcove demolished to make way for the new Toy Library.

If you have any photos or memories of the region, we would be very happy to find out about them. You can also see our range of books, photos, maps and other items on the history of the region in our Local History collection.