Western and Horror Adult Fiction Paperback Books

Round ‘em up cowboy and stick a stake through the beast’s heart…where have all the Western and Horror Adult Fiction Paperback books gone?

The Western (blue dots) and Horror (black dots) books have now been relocated and shelved next to our Science Fiction books (yellow dots) within the Adult Fiction Paperback Collection.

Now that we have moved the Western and Horror Adult Fiction Paperbacks both library staff and patrons have more room to shelve the AAO (Short Stories) Collection. The AAO Collection is a very popular collection that we are growing. Thanks to your suggestions we have spread out the AAO collection over two shelving bays where the Western and Horror books once were.

In addition, the Library is working on revamping our signage to help patrons find the collections and services around the Library. The branding will be red with white text, and include new ceiling signage and eventually shelving bay end panel signage. You will also notice new artworks and quotations on the walls, replacing the local history photos that were taken down recently. The implementation of new signage will be phased in as budget allows.

In the mean time, if you have any questions or require further assistance finding any of these items; please ask one of our staff members at the Customer Service or the Ask Here Desk to point you in the right direction.