Finding families

The Local History room had a visitor today who had come to us a few months ago to pursue her husband’s Hungarian family tree. She came back this afternoon to tell us about their trip to Hungary in search of long-lost relatives.

Our customer arrived in the area the family were from and asked around at many places including the local town hall. They had a few difficulties with language barriers, but eventually got through to a staff member who spoke English and could understand what they were looking for. After being told that the staff member would take some time to gather as much information as possible, our customer and her husband went for a walk to pass the time. When they came back they were told that a cousin would be there very shortly to pick them up so they could stay with him!

Our customer found this to be an amazing experience and said the cousin looked exactly like many others in her husband’s family. They stayed with these new-found family members and were sent off a few days later with food and many newly formed friendships.

This is just one example of how exciting it can be to discover your family history. Come talk to our friendly staff and volunteers and start yours today!