The Rock Dog, Bookaboo

Have you shared a book today...

Now as a father of two children under 4, I have been exposed to all manner of children’s programming of late, some good, some…disturbing…

On the better side of things is BOOKABOO, the story of a Rock Dog drummer who simply cannot go out on stage without first having a story.

Produced by ITV in the UK, each episode sees Bookaboo leave the stage, retreating to his ‘Booka-Bus’ and demanding a story before he will return. Enter this week’s celebrity guest with the ‘Booka-bag’ containing this week’s story, which Bookaboo and the guest then read together.

Once he has had his story, Bookaboo feels his ‘mojo coming back’ and rushes to the stage to re-join the band for the closing credits song.

I think this is a fantastic little show with a positive message, encouraging parents and children to share time reading together.

Some of the celebrity readers have included Meat Loaf, Mel C (of the Spice Girls), comedian Johnny Vegas, and Julian Clary.

Books read in the show, held by the Tea Tree Gully Library include The Lamb Who Came for Dinner, The Cow That Laid An Egg, More Pants, Splat the Cat, Class Two at the Zoo, The Night Pirates and The Wolf’s Story – What Really Happened To Little Red Riding Hood.

Also, why not take advantage of the Library’s Story Time sessions, held at 10:15am on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

 Have YOU shared a book today?