Book review: The blood countess

The latest from Tara Moss

The Devil wears Prada meets blood sucking supermodels?
Former model and Australian mystery writer Tara Moss brings together a host of the supernatural in the first of a new series, The blood countess, which may appeal to young women or to lovers of fashion and the undead. 

It’s a light and entertaining read.
I also think that Tara Moss is making fun of the wraith look once popular in modelling.

Nineteen year old Pandora English moves to New York seeking employment as a writer at a fashion magazine and moves in with her eccentric elderly great aunt Celia.
Celia, who lives in a gothic style apartment building in a suburb which doesn’t appear on any maps (which makes getting a taxi somewhat difficult) used to be a fashion designer to the stars in the golden age of Hollywood and still looks amazingly good for her age.
Charming Celia has a wonderful wardrobe of vintage designer label clothes that she lends Pandora and she offers great fashion advice, “True style is not about fashion, style is individual.  Style is part of the great theatre of life.”
Celia conveniently keeps an axe in her closet for dealing with evil visitors and never leaves the house during the day.  But is Auntie what you might think?
Pandora secures a job at an offbeat magazine for which she seems destined.  Working for a demanding boss, trouble starts when Pandora sets out to expose a miracle wrinkle cream ‘Blood of Youth’.
Soon Pandora is on her way to finding romance, facing life-threatening situations, discovering her family legacy and special talent.