What are library staff reading?

Megan recently read a book in the Phryne Fisher series called Ruddy Gore, written by Kerry Greenwood. She says, “technically I didn’t read Ruddy Gore, rather I listened to the book read on CD. I enjoyed listening to Phryne, an elegant and sassy sleuth, investigate a murder mystery in racy 1920s Melbourne.”

Sonya says, “I am reading Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper – not the Greek epic but the tale of a cat that was adopted as a kitten, and had both eyes removed and stitched up at 3 weeks old. He was going to be put down but a kind lady adopted him.”

David recently re-read Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock, just in time for a new film adaption. “Genius! Greene is one of my favourite authors and this is my favourite of his books. The book’s heroine, Ida, is in my opinion one of the strongest and most admirable female characters in twentieth century literature. Nail–biting in its suspense, I won’t ruin it by saying anything more about it.”

Suzanne has just finished reading Ash Rain by Corrie Hosking. “My book group were reading stories set in Australia, and I found Ash Rain quite by chance and it was set in the Adelaide Hills. It tells the story of a family made up of a single mother with her little girl and her female friend whose house they live in. All of the characters need to find out what is important to them and learn to speak their truth. Ash Rain is an engaging story, which although quite short (just over 200 pages) had me enthralled right until the last page.”

What are you reading at the moment? Tell us by leaving a comment!

2 thoughts on “What are library staff reading?

  1. Like Megan, I am currently listening to an audio book entitled: Star Trek – The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh. A helfty title, but so far a great book none the less.

  2. I’ve just read Liz Byrski’s Bad Behaviour, which I recommend. Set in various locations from London, to Paris, and Perth, and spanning the lives in two families from the 60s to current day. Byrski weaves in significant events from student demonstrations in the sixties in Paris, to Sept 11 and the Bali Bombings, but showing the personal perspective of this history unfolding. These events are just part of the setting, but the story of the women and men, their mistakes and how they forgive themselves and each other is well written and involving.

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