Library Pets Part 2: Little Bot

From the number of books about animals checked in and out of the library, we know a lot of you out there have pets that you love. A lot of us in here do too. Welcome to Part 2 of our Library Pets feature, and allow us to introduce Little Bot.

Little Bot focused on the telly

Name:   Little Bot
Breed:   River Murray short necked tortoise
Owner:    Symon (Library Officer – Programmes)
Favourite pastime:   Swimming, eating, and watching television
Favourite food:  Mealworms – he loves crunching them
Most notorious deed:  Little Bot has a thing for blondes (or maybe just the colour yellow) he gets very hyperactive when anything yellow is near the tank. As you can imagine when the Simpsons is on TV he gets very excited.
Pet peeve:  He hates the water flow from his filter and often moves it away.
Obsession:  Television – whenever the TV is on he’s in the corner nearest watching!

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