It’s the week for love

"Must Love Dogs"

Have you ever had beloved family or friends arrange a blind date for you?
Ever wondered about online dating?  Some of you may have your own amusing tales about the search for love.

Must Love Dogs is an entertaining romantic comedy about Sarah Nolan,
a newly divorced women, rediscovering romance with help from her enthusiastic, often misguided, well-meaning family.
(Check out the trailer!)

Starring Diane Lane, John Cusak and Elizabeth Perkins,  Must Love Dogs is adapted from the novel by Claire Cook.

2 thoughts on “It’s the week for love

  1. Much as I love John Cusack and Diane Lane, and I do love dogs, this was not one of my favourite films. I found the characters too flawed and more caricatures or stereotypes than believable people. Maybe I’ll try the book and see if it works better than the film.
    However, I can recommend online dating, having found my fiance online two years ago. Even if you don’t meet your Mr/Miss Right, online dating is no different to socialising in the real world and can be very entertaining!

  2. What attracted me to this DVD was originally the title what with me being a dog lover. Another huge plus is John Cusak, I’ve had a crush on him for years. I giggled with the antics of the family so keenly setting up their sibling. I cringed at it too. I’m trying out online dating and agree it’s a great way to meet people, you also gain good friends! At the very least the movie makes you think and consider options you may never of thought of before.

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