Ebooks…come and try!

Regular blog readers will know that we currently have an ebook display in the Library.

Ebook display

Our four ebook readers are loaded with new releases such as The Fry chronicles by Stephen Fry, The happiest refugee by Anh Do, Worth dying for by Lee Child and even The saggy baggy elephant!
You can also read magazines in full colour on the iPad.

Ebook readers





If you haven’t seen the display yet, come in and have a go on the latest book related technology. We’d like you to leave us a comment in the book provided to let us know what you think about ebooks and any suggestions you have about how the Library could use them in the future .

Some of the comments we’ve received so far

” Really like it as an idea for the Library. Found it easy to use…like the idea of having a large selection of titles available to borrow”

“Thankyou for having a Come and Try. I have been interested for some time in buying an ebook reader ..I hope you will have ebooks available to borrow”

“I would love an ereader! If i could borrow books from the Library too it would be great!

“As a book lover, I’m certain I would eventually buy a device to give me an extra approach to reading”

“…as I travel alot for business, having access to ebooks from the Library would reduce baggage load considerably!”

“…would be interested when we become grey nomads.”

“..the convenience and search options make them very attractive and there are advantages for the Library :storage space, damaged books and the cost of chasing overdues would be reduced.”

Next time you’re in the Library come and try ebooks  and have a chat about them with our staff. We’d love your comments here too!

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  1. My Mum was very excited yesterday when her Kindle arrived. She and my Dad are going to UK and Europe later this year and are both taking e-readers on the trip instead of the usual pile of paperbacks. Dad is buying a Sony E-reader and my sister-in-law has a Kobo, so they’ll all be able to compare notes.

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