The Magic Million

In 2010 thbookse Library lent out more than one million items … 1,134,217 to be precise. Of these we checked out 230,000 Adult Fiction novels, 220,000 DVDs, 165,000 Adult Non-Fiction books, 76,000 magazines and 21,000 graphic novels.

And then 1,133,780 items were returned to us … all of which had to be placed back in the right spot on the shelf.  Over a quarter of a million items (266,650) came back late.

And yet, we don’t always have the item you want when you visit us. And so, patrons placed 106,234 reservations/holds on books that were already checked out and we also ordered approx 2,500 InterLibrary Loans from other libraries … and supplied about the same number.

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