Seon Meditation

 “Exercise, meditation and breathing”

The City of Tea Tree Gully Library is pleased to announce the arrival of Seon style meditation classes to the Community Learning Centre.
Run by the Suseonjae Mediation School these classes provide exciting and revitalizing stretching, meditation and traditional breathing methods that have been used for thousands of years in Korea. Redefined for modern people by Suseonjae, these breathing methods offer a recovery of your core health and enable you to be in charge of the tasks in your life with clarity. The Benefits are both mental and physical as well as spiritual and include: increased concentration; a fitter body and better mental health; anti-aging effects, self discovery and the ability to balance family and work life.

So, if you are feeling tired, stressed and in need of a little “me” time Suseonjae Meditation classes may just be what you need.
The classes are free and are held every Tuesday from 10 -11:30am in the Community Learning Centre.
Contact instructor Isabel for further information and bookings on 0431125820.

For  information about booking the Community Learning Centre, please call Michelle Biar on 8397 7473 or Melaina Tate on 8397 7453.