Poetry Slam heats are here!

…well in a couple of weeks anyway. The National Poetry Slam heats will be held at 5 different locations this year, starting off with Unley on October 7th at the Unley Town Hall. Registration starts at 5pm and the event kicks off at 5.30pm. Slammers get 2 minutes to recite, sing, howl, speak, rap, growl, whisper their poem and will be judged by random people in the audience. Full rules can be found here. There’s a maximum of 20 slammers at each heat, and there’s no pre-reg so it’s essentially first in, first serve. The first 15 slammers will automatically get a spot, the remaining 5 will be randomly drawn from a hat.

Tea Tree Gully has partnered with Port Adelaide Enfield this year so our heat is held at Greenacres Library, 2 Fosters Road, Greenacres on Thursday October 14th. Registration starts at 6.00pm and the event starts at 6.30pm. Further info from the Poetry Slam Website.