Brilliant bookshelves

The Desire to Inspire blog recently featured some great pictures of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, like the one below. Visit their site to view the entire collection of photos.

We’d like to know how you store your books at home.
Alphabetical order? Smallest to largest? Or just however they fit best on the shelf?
Tell us by clicking the “Leave a comment” button.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant bookshelves

  1. I store mine by subject so I can find what I want when I need a particular book. Would love some of those ceiling to floor shelves in my house and a rolling ladder – always fancied one of those!

  2. I keep a collection of my very favourite books on a small shelf near my bed, so I have any section that suits my mood close to hand. The rest are in the lounge room bookcase according to size – but it’s full to overflowing!

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