The 24/7 Photo competition!

The Library’s annual photo competition is returning in May! This year it’s going to be totally different, revolving around the theme, 24/7. Entrants will have 7 days to take 24 pictures on one of those disposable film cameras that the Library will supply. The Library will develop all of the cameras and choose 50 photos to go on display for voting by the public. Keep an eye on the blog or the posters around the library for further information in the next week or so!

6 thoughts on “The 24/7 Photo competition!

  1. Will there be a limit on how many films are distributed to entrants? Otherwise I imagine this would be quite an expensive competition to run.

    • Hi Audrey, you’re absolutely right there will be a limit to the disposable cameras. We will be asking for entrants to register first, so keep an eye on the blog or on the posters that will be up around the library for informatiopn on when you can register to take part!

    • Hi Stephen, The prizes are currently being organised through our very generous photo competition partner, Memories Digital Centre Shop 6, St Agnes Shopping Centre. Stay tuned for more information on the great prizes.

  2. So the photos can be of any subject, but a total of 24 must be taken over a 7-day period, correct?

    • You’re half right. The 24 photos need to be taken within 7 days, but with the theme of 24/7 in mind. So thinking 24/7 – you could take photos of all hours service stations, something to do with time, Jack Bauer, or anything that has some kind of link to the theme 24/7!

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