Spotlight on: Colin Cotterill

 Crime author Colin Cotterill, who holds dual British and Australian citizenship, but lives in Thailand, started his career as a P.E. teacher in Israel.  Then moved to be a primary teacher is Australia, a counsellor in the US, as a university lecturer in Japan and writing a 40 part English language series for Thai television . With such a broad range of world experience it’s no wonder he eventually turned to writing.  Already an established cartoonist with the Bangkok Post, Colin’s first venture into writing a novel culminated with The Night Bastard in 2000. So massive was the response he decided to write full time, churning out one novel per year since. His popularity jumped with the release of The Coroner’s Lunch introducing the aging Laotian coroner Dr Siri. There have been 5 sequels featuring Dr Siri, the latest, The Merry Misogynist was released last year.