Beat. Heat. Eat.

The DIY manual for easy home meals for blokes is here. Dean Lahn has written the ultimate guide for simple meals to ensure you don’t starve- if you’ve just moved out on your own for the first time, or suddenly find that you need to learn how to cook when you’ve never needed to before, this book is for you. Simple tasks like making a grilled cheese sandwich by turning the toaster on its side, and freezing coffee into ice cubes so you can heat them up later is just the beginning, this instruction manual is full of diagrams to assist any bloke find his way around the kitchen. If simmering chicken in Coke is not your thing, then try home-made hamburgers using the meat squished out of a sausage. As the intro says “this is manual that shows you how to heat food so you don’t starve.” Sounds good to me. Check out his website for feedback from other successful almost-cookers.