Book Discussion Groups

Book Discussion groups are growing steadily in popularity again, no longer considered a past-time only for the elderly, or socially challenged teenagers who talk about fantasy novels. Book groups have branched out in recent years, becoming much more flexible, embracing new technologies, providing both an opportunity to broaden one’s literary experience and to socialise with a group who may have members with similar or diverse points of view.

The Library supports around ten book discussion groups, providing some with a location to meet, borrow booksets, discussion notes and access to obtain other titles from the statewide library network.  Some book groups choose to read all the same book and discuss that, others read books from the same author, or same genre, and others simply talk about books they have read regardless of title, theme or author.

If you’re interested in book discussion, there’s definitely a book group out there to suit you, be it a group at the library or one of the many that are rapidly appearing on the internet. There’s a list of online book groups here, but you can also check out some of the groups on Yahoo or similar websites. If you want the face to face book discussion experience, give the Library a call and we’ll help you find a group to join or the tools to start your own.