Christmas trees and School groups

Christmas is creeping up on us with ever-increasing speed and the main Library focus for school groups in 4th term was Christmas trees, along with a smattering of launches into outer space for the International Year of Astronomy.

Several classes from local schools and kindergartens visited the Library to hear about the history of Christmas trees, read stories and participate in the creation of our Community Christmas trees.

The aim of the Community Christmas trees was for children to create a leaf on the tree using a tracing of their hand. Each leaf was decorated and the children wrote their message for the community. Some of the messages included “Be nice”, “Be peaceful and kind”, “Enjoy Christmas everyone”, “Love, share, care and have a Merry Christmas” and many more.

Come into the Library to see the trees, or view our flickr pages (just click on the link on the lower right of this page)  to see more images of the children’s trees.