Small wonders

Who or what rules the earth? President Obama? Nope.  El Nino weather patterns? Not that either. According to science writer Idan Ben-Barak, Microbes rule our world.

Idan will be in the Library on Fri 13 Nov (spooky) to talk about the microscopic world of microbiology. Bacteria, genes, viruses and such teeny lifeforms have a massive impact on our lives, but we can’t even see them!

Idan is a funny guy, check out his blog. I particularly like the post about when he helped a customer in a Library – “Excuse me, I’m a microbiologist, can I help?” Where is a microbiologist when you need one?

Or read more about the book Small Wonders: How Microbes Rule Our World.

The talk is open to school class groups and the general public.