Spotlight on: Dan Brown

Dan brownWith the release of Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol,he continues to cement his position as one of the world’s most popular fiction writers. Dan Brown rocketed to fame in 2003 when his novel The Da Vinci Code was released to both worldwide acclaim and criticism. In hindsight, in what can be considered very clever marketing, he alluded that much of his story was factual based, resulting in the ire of religious groups around the world.

Dan’s first novel was Digital Fortress, released in 1998 and sold relatively poorly for an American fiction novel. The next two, Deception Point and Angels and Demons did marginally better (Angels and Demonswas the first to feature symbologist Robert Langdon), but when Da Vinci Code was published, Brown’s previous novels were rereleased and became bestsellers!

The Lost Symbol  is the third book to feature Robert Langdon (incidentally selling a million copies on its first day) competing against time and another secret society to solve a series of puzzles in order to save a friend’s life. It also features the notion that science can explain some aspects of the supernatural.

The library has several copies of all of Dan Brown’s books, and if it’s not on the shelf you can certainly place a hold!

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  1. Interestingly, Dan Brown’s first published work was a humour book with his wife, 187 Men to Avoid: A Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman, under the pseudonym “Danielle Brown”.

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